Accounting Service Ltd. is a specialised accountancy company with headquarters in the city of Varna, which provides independent accountancy services, as well as financial and tax consultation .

  Our mission is connected with the timely and honest satisfaction of our partners' needs .

  The leading goal of the company is to establish the supply of a high-quality service in the business services market .

  We offer modern and professional services in the field of finances and tax legislation through effective methods and procedures .

  The company's team consists of professionals experienced in the filed of accountancy and finances. By combining professionalism, honesty, trust and new technologies we offer our partners a high-quality business service .

  Realising a quality consultancy business consists of various knowledge . A number of company issues occur in our everyday life, which come from different fields of business . The main task of the company is to satisfy in full our partners' needs and that is why we always offer our clients concrete options for solving the respective problem . Where the problems are not of accountancy and financial character, we work with a wide circle of external associates in the field of law, audit and translations .

  It is our understanding that in the modern conditions our strive for building relations based on trust is a prerequisite for our and our partners' success. That is why we have adopted the following principles in our working process :

  • Individualisation of the partner
  • High quality and timely full service
  • Maximum relief of the partner
  • Guaranteeing security and confidentiality
    Maintenance of high level of our team's professional skills through following of the changes in legislation on a daily basis.