One of our company principles is the individualisation of the partner. For each individual partner we develop a separate price list and method of payment, as each company has specific features and we always comply with them. What is important for us is the mutual agreement and understanding, as work is done most efficiently when the two parties are satisfied . For the purpose of offering you the price for a monthly accountancy service, please fill in the questionnaire form correctly, and we shall oblige to make a correct offer, which will be further specified in direct contact with you in the event you take interest in it .

  In the field of accountancy services the monthly prices of accountancy services depend on several main indicators, like document turnover, number of personnel, as well as the type of realised activity . Your personal requirements to us also have a great deal of influence.

  To this end we have developed a questionnaire form, by whose filling in we can acquire basic understanding of your business and respectively propose you on the basis of this information an adequate offer for accountancy service.
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