The business activity of Accounting Service Ltd. is directed to full service of the needs of Bulgarian and foreign companies, who are investing or starting a business in Bulgaria .

  We offer our partners a full package of all accountancy, financial and tax services necessary in Bulgaria , namely :

  • Full accountancy, tax and labour and remuneration services |top|

  To reduce your expenditure , to save much of your precious time and to be able to concentrate on the management of your company, we offer you our package of accountancy services, which includes :

Current accountancy services

•  Determining the accountancy policy and devising an individual chart of accounts

•  Processing the accountancy documentation

•  Concluding employment and service contracts with the staff and other persons, drawing up pay-roll ledgers and accounts for paid fees

•  Registration of employment contracts and completion of social insurance and employment record cards , issuance of different certificates for the needs of the staff

•  Current assignment and drawing up all necessary payment orders for disbursement of the budget

•  Submitting tax returns for patent tax, tax returns as per the Corporate Income Taxation Act and the Personal Income Tax Act , providing information about socially insured persons to the National Revenue Agency . Drawing up and submitting reports for statistical needs

•  Drawing up interim financial reports

•  Drawing up statements for third parties

•  Operating bank accounts of the partners via e-banking

•  Representation through electronic signature

Annual accountancy services

•  Drawing up and submission of annual financial statements

•  Drawing up and submission of consolidates annual financial statements

•  Drawing up and submission of annual tax returns as per CITA and PITA

•  Drawing up and submission of annual statistical forms of the National Statistical institute

•  Cooperation during the inspection and verification of the Annual Financial Statements by a certified expert-accountant

Consultancy services

•  Advice and consultancy for reduction of the taxable profit and the taxable income of legal and natural persons exercising non-patent activity

•  E-banking

•  Consultancy for labour legislation and social security

•  cooperation in required registrations, permits and certificates

•  drawing up documents for solving tax and insurance cases in conformity with the effective normative documents

•  current consultancy regarding the changes of the legal and normative base

  • Representation in institutions |top|

The field in which we offer our business services is daily connected with the establishment of a contact with the institutions in the country. For a successful business it is necessary to achieve a balance in the relations with the government administration. That is why we offer our partners the following services:

•  Creating a company tax strategy and optimally effective approach in keeping the tax accounting

•  Drawing up , submission and defence of tax returns, annual reports and other information in the tax administration

•  Conducting the necessary verifications with the tax administration authorities in connection with inspections general , specific and return inspections

•  Consultancy for the application of agreements for avoiding double taxation

•  Representation and defence of the company in the government institutions with regard to any arising matters and cases

  • Company management |top|

The set of offered services in this segment is formed with a view to covering all arising needs of our partners, irrespective of the stage of development of their business .

Registration of a company

•  Consultation with respect of the most suitable model of economic existence as per the Commercial Act and the Obligations and Contracts Act, namely OOD , EOOD , DZZD , , AD, etc . The right choice of the type of company determines the future economic policy of the partner

•  Preparation of all necessary documents for the registration

•  Filing all necessary documents

•  Registration of the newly organised company in all legally specified institutions in observance of the specific deadlines

•  Cooperation for obtaining a cash register, seals and other necessary licences

•  Business consultation with regard to the legal functioning of the company

•  Introduction of the partners to the general and specific legal provisions for the activity exercised by them

•  Cooperation for meeting the legal requirements to the activity of the partner through preparation of the documentation necessary to this end

•  Suggesting alternatives and specific financial and tax consequences for the transactions concluded by the partner

•  Suggestions for maximisation of the working process

Internal audit

we offer conducting factual audits of the partner's property

•  Consultancy in connection with the income and expenditure optimisation

•  Financial analysis

Consultancy in case of need for additional financial resource for the business development

•  Discussing financing options

•  Suggesting variants

•  Drawing up the necessary documents for application for funding / business plan , credit application, etc., depending on the requirements of the funding institution/

•  Consultancy in connection with finance management

Consultancy connected with the needs of company owners

•  Ligalising the stay of company owners in Bulgaria when they are foreign citizens

•  Preparation of documents and visas and cooperation for their submission

•  Solving cases occurring with respect to health and social insurance

•  Consultancy for property issues of the owners, when they have a direct or indirect connection with a business

Cooperation for obtaining certificates for lack of obligations and other necessary certificates for the owners